Team Name Home Court
Called to Serve Georgetown Recreation Center
Cherry Bombshells Queensbury
Corks are for Quitters DoubleGate
Doubles Trouble Studdiford
Fine Whine Wexford
Grape Expectations Brookshade
IL Smash Girls Tuxford
Mayfair Matchmakers Mayfair/St. Clair
Never Have I Ever Mayfair/St. Clair
On Cloud Wine Glen Abbey
Over Served Sandy Springs Tennis Center
Partners in Wine Oxford Lakes
Perfectly Paired Ellard
Pino Players Ashford Park
Pino Players II Ashford Park
Pour Choices Glen Abbey
Pour Decisions Sandy Springs Tennis Center
Prime Time Pinots Willow Point
Red Wine-O's Spring Ridge
Serve Me a Double TBD
Sip Sip Hooray! Belleterre
Sip’NServes Dunwoody Springs
Slice Girls Briarwood Park
The Peaches Vermack Swim Tennis
Vineyard Vipers Glen Abbey
Vino & Volleys The Falls of Autry Mill
We Claw Not Whine Thornberry
We Drop Shots Tuxford
Wine & Aces Huntington Court
Wine Not? Fieldstone
Winers Take All River Glen on the Chattahoochee
Zin It To Win It Oxford Mill