We Claw Not Whine

Alyson Bieber
Amanda Gage-Cole
Fran Conlan
Holly Northey
Jill Kuzia
Molly Petry
Rebecca Williams
Rochelle Castiglione
Sherrie Board
Victoria Callicutt

Last Updated: 8/2/2022 at 2:45 PM

Join Team

Captains may add players to their roster anytime throughout the season as long as they pay their individual dues prior to their first match, agreeing to Tennis Lady's terms and conditions, to be eligible to play.  Players may not take over the dues and waiver of another player. 

Captains are responsible to make sure each of their players agrees to the terms and conditions of the league by signing up on the website and paying individual dues.  If any player joins in the Activities without having done so, TENNIS LADY is not liable. 

TENNIS LADY has the right to refuse services to any player or team if they do not comply with the league mission and vision.