Sakkari Division Standings


Sakkari Division

Team Week 1 (6)* Week 2 (12)* Week 3 (18)* Total Points
Drinkers with a Tennis Problem 3 8 12 23
Brookfield Volley Girls 2 4 15 21
Lush Lady Lakers 3 8 3 14
OG Wasted Potential (Lyons) 4 4 6 14

Teams are placed in a division based on playing level and court proximity.  Available points increase by each line, and each week, to ensure no team is ever out of the running for the night or the season.   

Week 4 - February 21 (Cocktail Contest)

Bracket Play Begins

After the first three weeks of the season, teams are seeded into a Bracket for play the final two weeks.  *Bracket posted here

Week 5 - February 28 (Season Finale)

Bracket Play Ends

All teams complete two weeks of Bracket Play.  The previous week's winners, play winners.  And, the losers, play losers.  

Bracket Play helps ensure the season finishes with the best matchups.