How to start playing tennis in Atlanta

How to start playing tennis in Atlanta

A beginner’s guide to Atlanta Tennis

Atlanta is the biggest market for adult recreational tennis players in the world.


As the city grew and sprawled into the suburbs, builders included tennis courts as amenities in many neighborhoods (even modest ones) - in order to make their housing developments competitive in the market.  This allowed new neighbors to form teams and play ALTA, The “Atlanta Lawn and Tennis Association,” which formed over 50 years ago.  

So, the city's tremendous access to courts and good weather that enables you to be outside year-round has made tennis an Atlanta staple, and one of the most popular ways for adults to socialize around town.  

If you’ve just moved to Atlanta, are looking to meet new people, find yourself at home more lately, or are ready for a new hobby, you should giving tennis a go.  


Access to Courts and Equipment

1. Visit the Sandy Springs Tennis Center.  Located at the perimeter, in the middle of metro Atlanta, the Sandy Springs Tennis Center has 24 lit courts, teaching pros, and programs for all ages and levels.  

Sandy Springs Tennis

 Sandy Springs Tennis

2. Sign up for Adult Start.  The Adult Start class will teach you the fundamentals of tennis: how to properly hold the racquet and make consistent contact with the ball.  You’ll also meet other beginners that you can plan to hit with later.  

3. Arrive early to rent a racquet from Your Serve Tennis.  Located inside the pro shop, Your Serve Tennis’ guides are there to fit you for a racquet that will help you advance your game. 


Once you feel comfortable with the basics... 

Find a friend to hit with. 

Sign up for intermediate drills. 

Play the round robin. 


Ready for Matches? 

T2 and Ultimate Tennis offer flexible leagues for singles and doubles play.  You set your level and home court and are placed in a division to face players of a similar level nearby.  Once the schedule is released, you contact your opponents to coordinate days and times that work best for you to play and complete your matches.  This is a good way to get reps on your strokes and play as an individual for singles.  Or, if you know one other person that you like to play with, the two of you can pair up to play doubles together. 

Flex League Tennis

Want to be on a team and meet more people? 

Red Hare Brewing Company Tennis League is a co-ed league with beginner divisions offering Spring, Summer and Fall seasons out of the public tennis centers around Atlanta: Sandy Springs Tennis Center, Chastain, Bitsy Grant, Piedmont Park, Dekalb, and Terrell Mill.  You’ll need three girls and three guys to form a team.  Or, you may register as a free agent and get placed on a team.  Then, each Monday night, you arrive at the tennis center to play one line of men’s doubles, one line of women’s doubles, and one line of mixed doubles.  

Red Hare Tennis

Wine-Down Wednesdays is a women’s doubles league with beginner divisions.  You’ll need six girls to form a team.  Or, you may register as a free agent and get placed on a team.  Then, you get placed in a division to play teams nearby - three lines of women’s doubles each Wednesday night.  Check it out here!  

Wine-Down Wednesdays

Wine-Down Wednesdays

Wine-Down Wednesdays

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