Rules & Regulations ūüéĺūüć∑ Wine-Down Wednesdays


Wine-Down Wednesdays ūüéĺ ūüć∑ is a league created¬†for tennis ladies, by tennis ladies.¬†

Your time is valuable, and we don't want you to spend all day at the courts, driving across town to get to matches, or work tirelessly make up rain outs. 

So, we designed this format so you can take your well-deserved tennis night out to connect with neighbors, play with friends, and enjoy some wine.  


Three lines of doubles every Wednesday night, starting at 6 PM. 

Two lit courts are required for play. 

Lines 1 and 2 start play, and Line 3 follows the conclusion of the match that finishes first.  

Three courts may be used, if available, and as long as both captains agree.

The same players may play twice if there is limited availability; however, both teams need to have four players present to start two lines at 6 PM; otherwise, the matchup will be considered defaulted. 

If players are playing two lines in one night, due to limited availability, they are permitted up to 15 minutes for a wine break.       

For each division level, all players may play any line at any time, so there is no sandbagging qualifications. 

Players are permitted up to a 15-minute warmup before the start of each match.  

Home team provides one can of balls for each match, no ball exchanges after the match.

Each match is best of three sets using 7-point set tiebreakers if necessary.  No ad scoring, at deuce - it's receiver's choice for the service return.  The third set is replaced by a 10-point tiebreak.


    Each line is worth more points: 

    Week 1

    Line 1 = 1 point

    Line 2 = 2 points

    Line 3 = 3 points

    *Points increase per week to ensure no team is ever out of the running.

    Week 2

    Line 1 = 2 points

    Line 2 = 4 points

    Line 3 = 6 points

    Week 3

    Line 1 = 3 points

    Line 2 = 6 points

    Line 3 = 9 points

    After the first three weeks of the season, teams are seeded in a bracket based on their points.  Bracket play concludes Weeks 4 & 5. 

    Each captain is responsible for reporting all scores to at the end of the night. 

    Inclement Weather Policy

    It is the responsibility of the home team captain to communicate any cancellations or delays.  In the event of a cancellation, scheduling makeup matches is not required.  Instead, play will resume the following week and the season will be extended an extra week to play that matchup.  To avoid forfeits, substitutions are allowed if for some reason a player that started the match is not available to finish it.  


    Before the Meetup Starts

    Matches should be called due to rain if it is actively raining and/or the courts are wet at the 6 PM weekly start time.  If rain subsides with a clear future forecast and courts can be dried before the 6 PM start time, matches may be played.

    During the Meetup

    After matches start, if it rains and wets the courts, then the meetup should be called. If at least two lines of matches have finished, the meetup will be considered complete. If two lines of matches have not finished, the season will be extended an additional week to allow those meetups to be played.


    If temperature is below 32 degrees or above 95 degrees (Fahrenheit) at the court and players agree, the match may be played.  Temperature to be verified by the use of a weather app for the zip code of the matches (wind chill and heat index are not a factor in determining temperature).

    *Players are not required to wait at courts for an hour after the 6 PM start time to communicate any cancellations. 


    The matchup will be considered defaulted if a team fails to have two lines present (four total players) across two courts for a 6 PM start.  

    Level Placement

    The goal is to match teams with comparable abilities within each level and division.  Team movement from one level to another shall be based on the most recent team history with final determination at the discretion of the league coordinator.  


    BYOB & F

    Players and teams are welcome to share, but there is no expectations to provide beverages or food for others. 


    Captains will be given the email and cell phone information for their opposing teams each season.  This information should be used to communicate any cancellations or delays for your scheduled matches.  

    COVID-19 Guidelines

    Follow the USTA's guidelines for playing tennis safely.  If you are sick, running a fever, or coughing - please stay home.  Wash/Sanitize your hands immediately before and after your match.  Avoid handshakes, high fives and fist bumps.  Maintain social distancing while cheering for your teammates.  

    Have fun!

    Captain Registration

    Captains are responsible for registering their team in order to secure a spot on the schedule each season.  Sign up here.  

    Individual Dues

    Players may join teams anytime during the season.  All registered captains and players must pay their individual dues prior to their first match, agreeing to Tennis Lady's terms and conditions, to be eligible to play.  Players may not take over the dues and waiver of another player.  A player that has not payed their individual dues prior to playing may be declared ineligible and subject to league sanctions.  


    There are no refunds once the season starts.  In the event all matches are not able to be played, players will receive a prorated rate with a discount code to use on next season. 


    Here are the Frequently Asked.

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