FAQs ūüéĺūüć∑ Wine-Down Wednesdays

Where do you play? 

Similar to other tennis leagues, in Wine-Down Wednesdays - you set your home court and playing level to be placed in a division with teams nearby.  

How far away are the matches? 

We hate traveling far to play a tennis match, so the goal is to have smaller divisions that keep travel times to matches as short as possible.   

Here's a map of the home-court locations in 2022, looking forward to expanding in 2023!

Wine-Down Wednesday Atlanta Tennis Map

I'd love to play, but it doesn't look like there are teams in my area? 

We only need four teams to launch a new division.   

Contact us so we can start working on adding divisions in your area. 

How many players do I need to field a team? 

We recommend 6 - 8 players per team, depending on how many players want to play every week.   

Each team fields three lines of women's doubles.  So, ideally you'd have six players playing every week. 

In a pinch, you could have players play two lines in one night and get away with five or four players - having those players play back-to-back matches.  

I want to play, but don't have a team? 

Our goal is to help everyone that wants to play find a squad.  Please fill out our Free Agent Form and we'll be in touch.  


We are all tennis ladies, and Wine-Down Wednesdays was inspired by tennis ladies, for tennis ladies.  About.  

More Questions?

Feel free to contact us anytime.