WATCH: Rafael Nadal get the Middle Finger at the Australian Open 2021

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Just when you think you’ve seen all the tennis drama you can imagine, a fan steps in to surprise you. 

As Nadal was serving for the second set, there were rumbling in the crowd that were preventing play.  “Thanks Madam, you’re delaying everything,” said chair umpire, Fergus Murphy.  Then the lady proceeded to flip Rafa the bird.    

“Must be the first person to ever do that to Rafa,” said ESPN commentator Jason Goodall. 

Rafa was able to laugh it off and the lady allowed a couple points to go buy.   

Then, as if she didn’t get enough air time, she went back at it shouting “Wanker!” loud enough for everyone to hear.

That finally go her the hook.  Not before getting two more bird flips in to Rafa and the fans.     

In a strange, yet funny situation, Rafa suggests, “Maybe she take too much gin or tequila.”

“There are people for everything around the world,” says Rafa shrugging off the incident so appropriately. 

Let this be a lesson to you tennis ladies, never be so over served that you flip the bird to sweet Rafa.