Captain FAQs

Fearless Leaders, Welcome to Wine-Down Wednesdays!

We are on a mission to create Atlanta's freshest women's tennis league, by taking our girls night out to enjoy playing tennis (and drinking wine) together on Wednesday Nights.

Your time is valuable - so, we designed this format. 

You may have noticed some unique features and have some questions. 

Here are the frequently asked, but please contact us with more.  

Terminology Overview

Each week's meetup features three women's doubles matches.  Each women's doubles match is a line that is worth different points towards the weeks meetup (see below). 

How do the points work? 

Each line is worth more points, and points increase each week.

Week 1

Line 1 = 1 point

Line 2 = 2 points

Line 3 = 3 points

Week 2

Line 1 = 2 points

Line 2 = 4 points

Line 3 = 6 points

Week 3

Line 1 = 3 points

Line 2 = 6 points

Line 3 = 9 points

The points accumulated throughout the season go towards seeding teams for Bracket Play.  Bracket Play starts Week 4, and finishes Week 5 - the previous weeks' winners will play winners and the losers will play losers.


The increase in points ensures no team is out of the running to take the night's meetup or out of the standings for the entire season.  Bracket Play helps reseed teams to ensure the season finishes with the closest matchups.   

Do most teams play their stronger players at Line 3? 

Since points increase with each line, many teams strategize to play their stronger players at the line that is worth the most points, Line 3.  This is a nice change of pace for players that don't typically get to take the courts first, and encourages everyone to stay and cheer on the last line since they could win or tie the night's meetup. 

How is each line scored? 

Each line plays a women's doubles match.  Each doubles match is best-of-three sets.  If a set is tied at 6-6, a 7-point tiebreaker is played to decide the set.  If sets are split, the third set is replaced by a 10-point tiebreak.  Each game features no ad scoring.  So, at deuce - it's receiver's choice for the service return, and the winner of that point determines who won the game.

Wait, what does "no ad scoring" exactly mean?  

No-advantage scoring is a scoring method in which the first doubles pairing to reach four points wins the game.  No-ad scoring eliminates the requirement that a doubles pairing must win a game by two points.  Therefore, if the game is tied at deuce, the next doubles pairing to win a point wins the game.  The receiving doubles pairing determines which player they would like to receive the serve, so the final point of the game may be served from the deuce or ad side.  


No ad scoring and third-set tiebreakers keep match times under two hours, so you can play meetups across two courts and allow time to cheer each other on and socialize.  

How do we report our scores?

Any player, from any team may submit their scores at the end of the night.  We are always curious how each match went, and would love to know the set scores, but they are not required.

You have three options to report scores, and may choose what works best for you: text, email, or submitting a score form.  All are available in the Player Portal.      

May players play twice if we do not have six available to field a full lineup? 

Yes, up to two players may play twice per team to ensure a full meetup can be played, even if there is limited availability.  However, both teams need to have four players present to start two lines at 6:30 PM; otherwise, the matchup will be considered defaulted.  

How would that work? 

Line 1 - Doubles Pairing #1 takes the court at 6:30 PM

Line 2 - Doubles Pairing #2 takes the court at 6:30 PM

Line 3 - The first doubles pairing to finish their first match plays Line 3 to follow. 

What happens if it rains? 

Matches should be called due to rain if it is actively raining and/or the courts are wet at the 6:30 PM weekly start time. If rain subsides with a clear future forecast and courts can be dried before the 6:30 PM start time, matches may be played.  It is the captains responsibility to communicate any delays or cancellations due to weather to their teammates and their opposing captain. 

After matches start, if it rains and wets the courts, then the meetup should be called.  If at least two lines of matches have finished, the meetup will be considered complete.  If two lines of matches have not finished, the season will be extended an additional week to allow those meetups to be played.

There are NO MAKEUP MATCHES.  Each player still gets a five-week season, but instead of trying to reschedule matches during the week, the season is simply extended an additional week.  

For instance, it is not going to, but let's say it rains Week 2 (2/7).  The schedule will simply be adjusted to play Week 2 meetups on 2/14 instead, and the season will finish with Week 5 on 3/6. 

I know it's BYOB & F, but should we provide refreshments? 

Players and teams are welcome to share, but there is no expectations to provide beverages or food for others.  Some teams come up with themes each week to host their opponents, some simply bring some extra bottles of wine to offer their opponents, most players bring what they'd like or need for the evening.  In the past, we've seen some teams roll out impressive spreads - which is always a pleasant and generous surprise, not an expectation. 

What am I forgetting?  

Feel free to review the Full Format details or contact us for more.